At Dani Weiner, A Real Estate Creative, investors are offered the opportunity to participate in a wide range of commercial real estate investments.  For some, investing in commercial real estate is a good alternative to stocks and bonds. 

Most investors are familiar with the different types of deal characteristics such as property type, tenant profile, and location often being at the top of the list.  Dani assists investors with understanding the differences between deal characteristics and selecting a project that aligns with their investment criteria. This can be as simple as purchasing and holding an asset or as intricate as developing a new building from the ground up. 

Commercial real estate investments can be divided into different segments that broadly categorize them based on various characteristics of the deal.  These segments are often defined as Core, Value Add, and Repositioning Investments.  Each of these investment philosophies lie at a different point on the risk vs. return spectrum, with core investments considered to be the least risky with the lowest expected return and Repositioning Investments offering the highest level of risk along with the highest expected return to investors.

Core Investments are considered to be the least risky because they often target stabilized, fully leased, secure investments.  These include properties with long term leases in place to high credit tenants and Class A buildings in highly desirable locations.  These buildings are typically well kept and require little to no improvements.  Therefore, Core Investments generally do not experience significant appreciation in value but rather provide stable, predictable cash flow with relatively low risk.  While core investments in commercial real estate are typically not as liquid as securities offered on an exchange, they are generally the most liquid real estate assets because they are stabilized, attractive, and marketable.

The Value-Add strategy positions investors to capitalize on previously untapped investments with the goal of providing the investor with attractive current income and value-add upside potential.  Commercial real estate investments typically target properties that have in-place cash flow, but seek to increase that cash flow over time by making improvements or by repositioning the property. 

Repositioning can include making physical improvements to the asset that will allow it to command higher rents, increasing efforts to lease vacant space at the property to quality tenants, or lowering operating expenses where possible.  Once the investor has successfully increased the net operating income at the property, they typically seek to sell the asset to capture the resulting appreciation in value.  It is important to understand the process and complexities of urban infill land development and property repositioning. It is this knowledge base that allows Dani to provide extraordinary representation to those seeking to sell, trade, or purchase property with a redevelopment focus.

Investors in commercial real estate should consider these different types of strategies and choose investments that match their preferences for investment timeline, relative level of risk and expected return.  You can learn more about the different types of investment opportunities by contacting me.

Expertise is available in the following areas:

Property and land sales, Entitled development sites, Property with development potential, Existing apartment and commercial buildings, Property and land acquisitions, Land assemblage, Urban infill development, Multi-family apartments-condominiums, Mixed-useprojects, Retail centers, NNN properties, Vacant and/or raw land Property repositioning/conversion, Development proforma analysis, Market sales analysis, 1031 differed tax exchanges, Luxury Estates, Horse and Ranch Properties, and Timber Land.

About Dani Weiner

Dani Weiner

Dani Weiner

A Real Estate Creative
You deserve a realtor who will investigate every potential real estate opportunity or option for you.  Dani Weiner embodies the very essence of inspired visionary.  This warm, welcoming, and dedicated professional puts people at ease immediately, and helps guide them through their transactions with sound market knowledge and a results-oriented focus.

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Early on, he began to develop a group of repeat clients including investors and developers. He continues to add to his base and strives to bring together all of his associates in partnership for infinite possibilities and strategic success.  His savvy ability to look beyond the perceived roadblocks and successfully work with those in positions of influence, make him a valuable asset to his clients. 

Dani Weiner recognizes the evolution of business in the 21st century and an ever present technological transformation within the real estate industry.  His approach to real estate exemplifies the spirit of forward thinking and the ability to adapt to changing market trends. 

His business approach reflects aggressive Marketing Strategies to ensure that clients realize a vast array of pursuits and objectives.  He vigorously protects the needs of his clients by maximizing every sale with his impeccable marketing and negotiating skills.  His expertise is spread across a diverse spectrum of Real Estate ranging from single family home sales, estate subdivisions, land sales, and estate ranch properties to multi-family apartment and condominiums, ware house and industrial properties, mobile home parks, and triple net sales and acquisitions.

Dani’s educational background consists of a focus on international business from Johnson and Whales and Environmental Studies at the University of California Santa Cruz. He credits his decades of experience of working with the family business, Dependable Distribution Services, the largest cocoa bean storage company in North America, with the success of his real estate career. As a child, he was introduced early to working for the company and learning the ins and outs of business from the ground up. Today, he handles an array of responsibilities for the company including the oversight and management as the director of sales and lease acquisitions of over2.7 million sq.f t. of warehouses and real estate. His theory is that while it is possible to learn business, in concept, by text book, the only true measure of fundamental understanding is rolling up your sleeves and being hands on!

His Dani has served on the board of directors for two non-profits including both Mariposas Arts and Collective Solutions. He currently participates in all areas of the Weiner Family Foundation whose mission is to ???

Dani is passionate about the environment and believes strongly in the concept of sustainability. That includes sustainable green thoughtful planned development, sustainability as it relates to the environment and our natural world, and sustainability in the light of consciousness to all people on this earth. We are all one!

An outdoor enthusiast and a student of Environmental Studies at UCSC, Dani’s passions include tending his vineyards, producing wine each fall, fly fishing, kayaking and hiking the endless trails of Santa Cruz County.  His enthusiasm for participation in a variety of local non-profit ventures provides a well-rounded coastal and mountain living experience.

Sustainability is growth based on forms of processes of development that do not undermine the integrity of the environment on which they depend”.
— Jim MacNeil, Former Secretary General of the World Commission on Environment and Development


Dani Weiner works relentlessly with his clients on their development projects utilizing a combination of local industry knowledge, assessment, and responsiveness to changing market trends.  Dani’s approach is hands-on, innovative and returns-driven.  His focus is on the core real estate disciplines of nimble adjustment to economic fluctuations, maximizing value and investment potential.  Years of experience coupled with unparalleled drive and motivation has led to an innate ability to locate sites with untapped potential, create partnerships and/or opportunities and assist his clients with transforming those sites into even bigger returns.  His methodology of a comprehensive due diligence analysis consists of pairing his clients with experts in the areas of financial feasibility, economic analysis, environmental investigation, development budgets, and entitlement assessment. He has facilitated complex financing arrangements and created venture relationships with some of the biggest investors in the industry.  With his history of unique development projects, he belongs on every investor's shortlist.


When playing in the complex and lucrative development game Dani Weiner has found that working with the industry’s best architects, lawyers, consultants, and engineers to assist with design, zoning and code requirements is the only way to go. He has found a synchronistic balance aligning land owners with commercial, residential, industrial, mixed use and master planned community developers across the state of California. Recognizing strengths from the industries best, forming relationships, and establishing partnerships has proven the winning combination for obtaining the desired approvals for the right to develop properties.