Sustainability is growth based on forms of processes of development that do not undermine the integrity of the environment on which they depend”.
— Jim MacNeil, Former Secretary General of the World Commission on Environment and Development


Dani Weiner works relentlessly with his clients on their development projects utilizing a combination of local industry knowledge, assessment, and responsiveness to changing market trends.  Dani’s approach is hands-on, innovative and returns-driven.  His focus is on the core real estate disciplines of nimble adjustment to economic fluctuations, maximizing value and investment potential.  Years of experience coupled with unparalleled drive and motivation has led to an innate ability to locate sites with untapped potential, create partnerships and/or opportunities and assist his clients with transforming those sites into even bigger returns.  His methodology of a comprehensive due diligence analysis consists of pairing his clients with experts in the areas of financial feasibility, economic analysis, environmental investigation, development budgets, and entitlement assessment. He has facilitated complex financing arrangements and created venture relationships with some of the biggest investors in the industry.  With his history of unique development projects, he belongs on every investor's shortlist.


When playing in the complex and lucrative development game Dani Weiner has found that working with the industry’s best architects, lawyers, consultants, and engineers to assist with design, zoning and code requirements is the only way to go. He has found a synchronistic balance aligning land owners with commercial, residential, industrial, mixed use and master planned community developers across the state of California. Recognizing strengths from the industries best, forming relationships, and establishing partnerships has proven the winning combination for obtaining the desired approvals for the right to develop properties.